What to put on your Christmas List (or Honuka etc.)

  1. a cool pair of knitted mittens
  2. gray shades of eyeshadow
  3. shimmering mascara, blush, etc.
  4. a nice puffer jacket/vest
  5. super skinny jeans (abercrombie=super skinny/aero=looser skinny)
  6. rosy lip gloss
  7. uggs!!!!!
  8. TALL boots
  9. leggings & tights (aero has nice ones)
  10. colorful beaded necklaces
  11. graphic tees under, over, whatever!
  12. bold jewelry
  13. cool headbands
  14. thin colorful belts
  15. fuzzyearmufs!
  16. knit hats with a big poofy ball on top
  17. faux fur vests
  18. long knit scarves
  19. knee socks
  20. retro cameras ( has cool ones)
  21. sparkly bows!
  22. neon watches ( has talking ones!)
  23. LAYER, LAYER LAYER!!!!!!
  24. refering 2 #7 slippers, moccasins, tall boots r the hottest 1z 2 hav
  25. burts bees (hevan 4 ur lips! And dont stop there get the whole collection!) btw im #1 fan!

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