Spirit Week, i’m a cheerleader!!!

This week was Spirit Week at my school. YAY!!!!!! do the funky chicken, the funky chicken!  Tuesday, The first day (we didn’t have school on Monday) was team color day. So you wore either red white or blue depending on which team your on this year. I would’ve worn blue but since I’m a cheerleader I wore my uniform like all the other cheer-leaders. That day was the peprally. since we did it on wooden floors with no mats, we couldn’t do very advanced stunts, just elevators. But we can do twist down basket tosses and soon libertys. The next day was wacky wedsday I wore acryle knee socks with converse pink soffie shorts a pink aeropastale tee with gothic fishnet gloves and intertwining rainbow neon plastic tube bracelets. Today is PJ Day!!!! Woo! no need to change on PJ Day!!! I am wearing pink plade flannel aeropastale bottom roll up bottoms with a drawstring, with a pink PJ aeropastale tee with a maroon abercrombie tank underneath poking out from beneath. And chestnut UGG’s with pink and brown acryle knee sock covering my exposed calf ( its cold outside brrrr….) also one of those eye covery thingy’s I got from claires that’s pink and says Do Not Disturb. 🙂 Tomorrow is School Spirit Day. And basically everyone wears their Team Jerseys and school colors. 🙂 in the highschool Friday is twin day………. also they have homecoming in the highschool during spirit week. 🙂

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