Never Join A Convent!!!!

DID YOU KNOW A CONVENT IS RELIGIOUS!!! Cuz if you did I didn’t until 2day!!! I thought it was some random cool place people went to do whatever they wanted!!!! AND ITS NOOOOOT!!!! *calm down Julia…… breath iiiiiiiin…….. breath ooooouuuuuuut……..*    So i was saying to my dad jokingly after he said something that started with you cant do this…………… 😦 ack. I hate it when people do that. Anyway so I said   “well if you keep repressing me like this i might just go join a convent. Now how would you like THAT.” (like the use of my word repressing? :)) so he was like “well i hope you know a convent is a very religious place where people read the bible every day and dress like nuns.” I was MORTAFIED!!!!! (there’s another big word mortafied :)) and i was like ” ummmm…….. I TAKE IT BACK, I TAKE IT BACK!!!!! PLEASE DONT MAKE ME JOIN A CONVENT!!!!) and he just sat there in the front seat of the car grinning *grrrrrrrr…..* anyway thats how i found out convents were RELIGIOUS!!!! So unless you want to be a nun who reads the bible EVERY FREAKIN DAY. Isuggest you DO NOT EVER EVER EVER!!! join a convent.      🙂     

p.s. this is my opinion and not yours (but feel more than free to have this opinion) so please do not get all pissed off at me and then try to find me then stalk me for a week and then try to do something totally freaky and illegal to me. BECAUSE MY PARENTS ARE LAWYERS SO HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂

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