It’s already September!!!!

OMG!!! It’s already September!!!! That means school is starting IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!! A week i tell you!!!! I can not _____ like this!!!! I am so ____ I can’t even think of a word to fill in that blank!!! I need more time!!!! Summer CANT end!!! it just can’t!!! No more beaches, no more lazy days filled with sun. no more endless days where homework doesn’t exist, no more nights filled with George Lopez and sleepovers!!!! 😦    It’s just depressing. On the bright side I will see all of my friends at school……. well still…… I need to go shopping!!!! AND I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO EVEN DO THAT!!! Not to menchen everything else I have to do to get ready for school!!! It’s a big deal you know!!! Oh well I guess it’s gonna happen whether you like it or NOT! AND I DO NOT!!! Well……… the post-its are pretty colors!!! Soon I’ll be on the big yellow school bus and that’s not going to change unless I make some kind of time machine………….   Well…… I gotta go work on my time machine!!!! biyas!!!

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  1. School has already started for me. You’re lucky it has’nt started for you yet.

    Comment by Hpupsessed — September 5, 2009 @ 1:10 am

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