I hate Block Day’s!!!!!!!!

RaAaaaAAAaAaaaAaaAAA!!!! I hate Block day’s so much!!!!!!! Block days are this thing at my school that takes up two days almost every week. It’s basically half the periods in one day only the time period is double, and the second half the next day doubled. ONLY YOU EAT LUNCH WITH THE GRADE ABOVE YOU!!!!!! Atleast half of it anyway. And it wouldn’t be that bad if you also DIDN’T EAT LUNCH WITH HALF OF YOUR OWN GRADE!!!! It’s really wierd and stupid and I hate it.  Last year I loved  bloc days because since you had half the periods, you also had half the homework. and last year there was no wierd lunch crisis thingy. You still get less homework this year, but it’s not worth the whole lunch thingy. RaAaaAAaAAaAaaaaAaa!!!! STUPID BLOCK DAYS!!!!

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  1. ehmygawd I knoooww! I hate it!!

    Comment by Rachel!!! — October 14, 2009 @ 11:15 pm

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