High Fashion

       Fashion is one thing. You all know it, you wear it every day. High fashion is a little different though, or a lot different. High fashion is the kind of stuff you see on runways. You know with the huge bows and overdone make-up. It’s all a little extreme. One of the biggest super-models there is is Kate Moss who once said “[in the fashion industry] one day your in and the next day your out” (say in a british accent). A great magazine that combines cool articles and awesome fashion is teen vouge. Here are some pics of cool clothes.

emma roberts modeling Emma Roberts models  for Teen Vouge in polka dot dress

Taylor Swift modelsTaylor Swift models for Teen Vouge in stressed blue jeans and orange top

multiple fashion models

1. dull colored sleeveless v-neck dress

2. sleeveless blue easy-to-wear v-neck sweat dress with large black pockets at hips

3. Green sleeveless v-neck shirt with gathered bottom and multi-colored layered skirt with matching headband

4. silver sleeveless dress

5. off-white sleeveless mini-dress

6. earth inspired sleeveless dress with blue/purple flowered top with leaf like bottom

cover of Teen Vouge fashion mag Cover of Teen Vouge featuring Rihanna (great fashion mag)

Great Stores

  • Abercrombie or Abercrombie and Fitch- for everyday cas. wear
  • Hollister- by Abercrombie, for everyday cas wear
  • Polo Ralph Lauren (especaily bathing suits)
  • Ralph Lauren- fancier clothes
  • Prada- its prada
  • True Religion- great jeans
  • Aeropostale- for every day cas. wear
  • Dior- great perfume
  • American Eagle- everyday cas. wear
  • Bumble and bumble- fantastic toiletries

Make-up Tips

  • Don’t overdue your makeup, some concealer and lip-gloss is usualy enough and sometimes mascara
  •  Also don’t wear thick eye-liner and don’t put any on your bottom lid
  • use makeup that works for you, not some model in a magazine or anyone else ex. colorful eyeshadow is not for everyone
  • not everyone needs to wear mascara, some peoples eye-lashes are naturaly long and volumized.
  • when wearing foundation make sure it matches your skin tone and blends with the rest of your skin, put some at the top of your neck
  • Make sure you blend in your concealer and it matches your skin tone
  • Don’t eat your lip-gloss lol
  • licking your lips makes them chapped
  • Don’t overdue the bronzer (same goes for a spray tan- and please don’t let them get streaky)
  • It’s always good to start with a good moisterizer on your face
  • make sure you wash off your make-up at the end of the day
  • keep your face clean and healthy- no make-up can replace cleansliness

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