July 1, 2009


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     There were 3 girls running away from a cop. They ran in to a barn. The birnet hid behind a cow, the red head hid behind a horse, and the blonde hid in a potato sack. The cop stopped at the barn to catch his breath. He asked the cow that the birnet was hiding behind if he had seen any girls. The girl behind the cow said moooooo. The cop then said slapping his fore-head “oops, i forgot cows can’t talk”. The cop then asked the horse the red-head was hiding behind if he had seen any girls. The girl behind the horse said oink oink. The cop then said slapping his fore-head again “oops, i forgot horses can’t talk. But thats wierd i thought horses were supposed to nay not oink……. oh well its probably just my imagination”. The cop then went over to the potato sack the blonde was hiding inside and asked the potato sack if it had seen any girls. The blonde behind the potato sack said poooooooo-taaaaaaaaa-toooooooo-saaaaaack. The cop then said “wait a minute…… potato sacks dont talk! One of the girls must be in here! Step out of the potato sack young lady you are under arrest”

This has been a dumb blonde joke with Julia

P.S. no affence to any blondes out there i’m sure ur all very smart

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