November 7, 2010

Demi Lovato- another teen disney star in rehab

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I CANNOT BELIEVE DEMI LOVATO IS IN REHAB!!! Cutting herself, and that nasty eating disorder? (bolimia most likely)It’s a lot to take in. But really, who didn’t see it coming? We all knew one of those disney stars was gonna have to self destruct at some point, I mean do you see a pattern here?
Britney Spears- do I need explain the magazines followed this trainwreck for years (though I do admit she’s gotten her act together, years later)
Lindsey Lohan- Who hasn’t heard of this girl’s perscription drug addiction? Not to mention a nasty habit of getting drunk while clubbing too hard. She’s been in and out of rehab more times than the average person goes food shopping!
Miley Cyrus- Yah, those racy and questionable photos and videos on google explain it all
Jamie Lynn Spears- Two words, teen pregnancy.
And honestley Demi was the most likely to go down this road to begin with. I’ll explain.
1. She starred in camp rock and camp rock 2, also starring the jonas brothers. 3 boys+1 girl+sleepaway camp=sketchy
2. All that rock music is in my view pretty emo (yah, i predicted that pretty well)
3. The black hair and gothic, punk rock style? That was just begging for help
So really I wasn’t too surprised deep down.
But honestley, I feel for Demi. The pressure of being a teen star is enormous. Everyone picking you apart for the tiniest flaw so they can exploit it? People constantley popularizing your every imperfection? When these types of people are watching your every move 24/7, you need to be perfect 100% of the time. And people expect it. The stress of all that is huge. And then you have to consider that these people are teen girls who are at their most insecure and vulnerable state to begin with. It’s no surprise really that most crack. I think it’s admirable too how she put herslef in rehab. It’s a sighn that she wants to get better and isn’t going to fight anyone who’s trying to help her. In the long run I think she will come back to the limelight even stronger

July 10, 2009

Brooke White

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Brooke White is an amazig artist who came in fifth place in American Idol in 2007-2008, but deserved to go much much farther. Her newest song radio radio is great!!! Download it on your ipod from itunes!!! Brooke White not only sings but plays the piano!!! 🙂 and she sang the song let it be better than the beatles themselves!!!! Here are some awesome pics of her!!!!

she's at the beach!!! i luv the beach

she's at the beach!!! i luv the beach:)

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