Cape Cod

I’m in Cape Cod!!! yay!!! It’s so fun here!!! I love the summer because theres no school and its soooooo warm!!!! There’s beaches here and today the ocean was really choppy and it was so much fun to jump the waves and (attempt to) skim board when the waves are like that. I just had some friends over for the past three days :). But they just left :(. Anyway you can also go into town and theres  a bunch of stores you can go to, it’s really fun. Some of the stores are

  • Harwich-port – it’s cool 🙂
  • Chatham- it’s the best one that I know

That’s really all i know. But in Harwich-port theres a few stores and then theres a couple of resteraunts (my favorite so far is Bonatts, I actually just went there this morning with the people we had over).  The one in Chatham is bigger and better. Theres a few ice-cream shops, 2 candy stores (iwent to the better one with my guests) , and a place you can get hot chocolate(i went there yesterday with my guests)  (for me 🙂 ) coffee (for my dad) tea (for my mom) and other stuff (for other poeple). theres a bunch of resteraunts, and on inn. I actually ate at the resteraunt in the inn with my guests last night. Then there’s a million, kazillion other stores that range form cooking supplies to clothing and trinket stores. Two of my favorite stores out of those are the life is good store, and this store that has clothes, accesories, and really cool trinkets. You can also………… um……… i dont know!!!! Oh! Oh! I know!!!! You can go to these minor league baseball games that are really cool. you can sit in stadium seats or you can bring a towel and sit on the grass, they have a concession stand and merchandise store too. You can also go fishing on one of these boats that goes out from the port which i like to do with my dad, but bring a sweatshirt!!!! Thats all i can think of right now but i love it here so byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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