January 6, 2010


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I GOT INVITED 2 A BATMITFVAH!!! isnt that awesome!!! its my 2nd! only the other 1 i went 2 waznt the best…… BUT THIS 1z GUNA B AWESUM!!! i hav 2 get a new outfit tho…. NO ONLINE SHOPPIN!!! i am now boycotting online shopping! it’s sooo annoyin!! shippin, ? sizes, non-try-on-able…. just annoyin. i will get new dress, dress coat, purse, etc. (mayb shoes dependin on outfit) anyway the batmitvah is emma’s! a girl i no from sleepaway cam!!! shez soooo nice! she waz in my cabine! she haz a twin bother whoz havin the batmitvah with her! (dont no him…) my other friends rachel, taber, jess, and celia r goin 2!!!! :):):):):) yayx100!!! all those peops wer in our cabin 2! (+ 2 more who werent invited… aka kathleen and catherine *shudderz*) THIS IS GOING 2 B AWSUM!!!

January 2, 2010

im going 2 watch angus, thongs, and perfect snogging!

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im going 2 watch angus thongs and perfect snogging right now! at the same time as my frend jess from sleepaway camp! 🙂 its on nick!

My Dad Owes Me $200 of christmas $!!!!

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