December 21, 2009

im an ugly doll!

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im an ugly doll! but poeple still buy ugly dolls even tho theyre ugly cuz theyre really adorable in an ugly way…

December 10, 2009


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i got chocolate 2day!!!! for the first time in EVERRRRR!!!! prob since hallowean…. isnt that pathetic? Well its all good now cuz i got sum frum cvs and is guirradellis 60% dark chocolate and its SO good!i had 2 of those little squares but my sister had 2 also so now therez barely any left 😦 im guna bring sum in 4 lunch 2moro if therez any left…… GOD THAT CHOCOLATE IS CALLING ME!!!! but my momz in the room right next 2 me….. dont want 2 piss her off…. btw NOBODY IS IMMUNE 2 THE POWERZ OF CHOCOLATE!!! NOT EVEN MY MOM!!! (she had a piece of my chocolate when she thot i waznt lookin) lolz

soooooo good!!!! yum!u no u want it!!!!

December 6, 2009

WE WON #1!!!!

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as ive alredy told u im a cheerleader and we got 1st at mahopac….. well…… WE GOT 1ST AT THE YORKTWON COMPETITION 2DAY!!!! AND WE BEAT THE HOME TEAM!!! (theyre not supposed 2 b able 2 place but they wiggled their way out of it) AND NEWRO!!!! THEY R INVINCIBLE!!! (im in the modified division, and for sum reason the newro team only has high skool peopz on their modified team, which is onnly for 7th and 8th graderz) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

December 5, 2009

Tiny Albino Monkeys!!!!

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isnt he soooo cute! hes just a baby!

guess how much i’m worth?

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well i did this chain e-mail thingy and it said i waz worth $4,820!!!! cha-ching! thats a lot!

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