July 4, 2009

The Guys of Twilight

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         Lets face it, all of the guys in twilight are hunks. Robert Pattenson and Taylor Lautner, the leading men and the supproting male roles give girls something to druel over. For most girls Robert and Taylor are the most crush worthy. I chose Taylor, for the following reasons.

1.While Robert is pale skinny and has baby muscles Taylor is tan musculaur and oh so hot

2. Robert is gross! He barely showers and when he does not his hair!!! Thats how he models it!!! natural hair grease!!! iw!!! And he doesn’t wair deoderant, smelly much!?! Taylor is nice and clean. Aaaaaaah……….

3.While Rob is out partying the night away letting fame get to him in the very worst ways Taylor is out spendin time with his fam or hangin with his pals, thats what counts.

4-10. Taylor is hot hot hot Rob is not not not. 🙂

        However I should give some reasons why some deranged (no affence) people might like Rob.

1. His eyes are sooooooooo dreamy

2. His hair is perfectly sculpted

3. He is hot hot hot

    So there. One more thing I should say is its OK to crush on the actors playing Emmett, Jasper, James etc. They’re hot too (just not as hot as Taylor).

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  1. Yeah I finally agree with you…. and I was watching Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and ( you’ve probably seen it it’s so good) Taylor Lautner’s in it! He’s an 8th grade boy in the Murtaugh family or whatever. I repeat 8TH GRADE!!! And still hot!

    Comment by Rachel :D — July 12, 2009 @ 11:33 am

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