November 10, 2010

Why do people always insist on blending holidays???

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Have any of you noticed how christmas ads come out before hallowean a lot of times??? That back to school anouncements are said the first day you are finally let out of school (even if technically this is not a holiday, most of us agree it should be, and is to most kids still in school by all standards)? Well I have. And it pisses me off. When you’re enjoying hallowean you should be focused on just that! not christmas! And when you’re let out of school the last thing you want to hear is about September next year! The point is, people are too eager to spring the farthest away holidays they can think of on you, while they ignore the current ones. I like my holidays to be distinguished and seperate, not blended and blurred. That way I can enjoy the current one to it’s full extent.

November 7, 2010

Jellyfish will take over the world!

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As some of you may know, scientists have discovered that jellyfish are immortal, or they never die (kind of like vampires). They can choose to be old, young, and inbetween. So unless they’re stupid or suicidal, they don’t die. Scientists then predicted that they would rule the ocean. Well, yah that’s great, but since we live on land no big deal right? WRONG! global warming is making the glaciers melt and sea levels rise. So eventually we will be forced to live under the sea because all of the land will be covered with water. But the sea will be ruled by jellyfish! Soon the jellyfish will dominate over us becuase of their stinging powers. and thus JELLYFISH WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Demi Lovato- another teen disney star in rehab

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I CANNOT BELIEVE DEMI LOVATO IS IN REHAB!!! Cutting herself, and that nasty eating disorder? (bolimia most likely)It’s a lot to take in. But really, who didn’t see it coming? We all knew one of those disney stars was gonna have to self destruct at some point, I mean do you see a pattern here?
Britney Spears- do I need explain the magazines followed this trainwreck for years (though I do admit she’s gotten her act together, years later)
Lindsey Lohan- Who hasn’t heard of this girl’s perscription drug addiction? Not to mention a nasty habit of getting drunk while clubbing too hard. She’s been in and out of rehab more times than the average person goes food shopping!
Miley Cyrus- Yah, those racy and questionable photos and videos on google explain it all
Jamie Lynn Spears- Two words, teen pregnancy.
And honestley Demi was the most likely to go down this road to begin with. I’ll explain.
1. She starred in camp rock and camp rock 2, also starring the jonas brothers. 3 boys+1 girl+sleepaway camp=sketchy
2. All that rock music is in my view pretty emo (yah, i predicted that pretty well)
3. The black hair and gothic, punk rock style? That was just begging for help
So really I wasn’t too surprised deep down.
But honestley, I feel for Demi. The pressure of being a teen star is enormous. Everyone picking you apart for the tiniest flaw so they can exploit it? People constantley popularizing your every imperfection? When these types of people are watching your every move 24/7, you need to be perfect 100% of the time. And people expect it. The stress of all that is huge. And then you have to consider that these people are teen girls who are at their most insecure and vulnerable state to begin with. It’s no surprise really that most crack. I think it’s admirable too how she put herslef in rehab. It’s a sighn that she wants to get better and isn’t going to fight anyone who’s trying to help her. In the long run I think she will come back to the limelight even stronger

What I did yesterday

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Yesterday was a pretty eventful day for me. I woke up early for a soccer game (that I won woot, woot!) then I got ready for my friends conformation party (in less than an hour!*gasp!*) My friends conformation party was tons of fun, and we ate SO MUCH! then I quickly drove to my sisters cheerleading competition (i don’t do cheerleading, i switched with field hockey cuz now everyone in my grade who does cheerleading are pretty much s—-, except for a few people who i wasn’t great friends with, but were nice.), changing in the car. My cousins were there too. They’re adorable and soooo cute (4 and 5 years old) but they enjoy tormenting me, i think they think i’m invincible so they physically abuse me to no end. My sisters team and my town won 1st place and GRAND CHAMPIONS! (i know impressive right?) but by the time the competition was over I had transformed fom my pretty conformation party ensemble to a toddler abused monster (I’m pretty sure my hair was in a ‘fro) after that I watched a movie at home, switched the channel to SNL and fell asleep on the couch when it ended. Yup, that was my day 🙂

My tonsils

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My tonsils are the size of watermelons 😦 I hope i don’t have to get them taken out, that would be horrible! They’ve been like this for months too but i didn’t really pay much attention to it. My throat doesn’t hurt any more but it did before, a long while ago. It wasn’t too bad though and it was on and off so i didn’t bother bringing it up cuz i didnt want to have to go to a doctor cuz i was so busy, I didn’t want to waste the time. Well now I’m all freaked out but still not going to a doctor no matter how stupid that is

March 22, 2010

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I’m sick today so I don’t hav to go to skool! 🙂 I hav a sore throat that I Thot wuld b better by today but I culdnt fall asleep last night soooooo…… Um home!

January 6, 2010


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I GOT INVITED 2 A BATMITFVAH!!! isnt that awesome!!! its my 2nd! only the other 1 i went 2 waznt the best…… BUT THIS 1z GUNA B AWESUM!!! i hav 2 get a new outfit tho…. NO ONLINE SHOPPIN!!! i am now boycotting online shopping! it’s sooo annoyin!! shippin, ? sizes, non-try-on-able…. just annoyin. i will get new dress, dress coat, purse, etc. (mayb shoes dependin on outfit) anyway the batmitvah is emma’s! a girl i no from sleepaway cam!!! shez soooo nice! she waz in my cabine! she haz a twin bother whoz havin the batmitvah with her! (dont no him…) my other friends rachel, taber, jess, and celia r goin 2!!!! :):):):):) yayx100!!! all those peops wer in our cabin 2! (+ 2 more who werent invited… aka kathleen and catherine *shudderz*) THIS IS GOING 2 B AWSUM!!!

January 2, 2010

im going 2 watch angus, thongs, and perfect snogging!

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im going 2 watch angus thongs and perfect snogging right now! at the same time as my frend jess from sleepaway camp! 🙂 its on nick!

My Dad Owes Me $200 of christmas $!!!!

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